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Vacuum Pressure Impregnated - Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) Lumber, Plywood, Timber, Shake Shingles, Architectural Millwork, Specialty Treatments
ASTM E84 CLASS "A"; UL 723 TYPE 1; NFPA 255; UBC 8-1
INTERTEK ASTM E84 X-T LUMBER f.s. 0; s.d. 120
INTERTEK ASTM E84 X-T PLYWOOD f.s. 0; s.d. 75
(SWRI) UL 1256 (ASTM E84) LUMBER exterior/interior - f.s. 10; s.d. 230
(SWRI) UL1256(ASTM E84)PLYWOOD exterior/interior - f.s. 5; s.d. 115
(Intertek) ASTM E2768 (ASTM E84) OSB - f.s. 0 ; s.d. 40
(Intertek) ASTM E2768 (ASTM E84) I-JOISTS - s. f. 0; s.d. 80
(Universal Lab) ASTM E 84;UL723; NFPA255; UBC 42-1 - 9.6; s.d. 98.5
(Maxim)ASTM E-84 Standard or D-3806 equivalency
(Maxim)ASTM E-84 Standard or D-3806 equivalency
(Maxim)ASTM E-84 Standard or D-3806 equivalency
(Maxim)ASTM E-84 Standard or D-3806 equivalency
Western Fire Center - ASTM E108, UL790


Intertek certifiedW/N 21045


Fire Poly FP 75-i is cream in color and is applied to  lumber panels in order to give them their fire-resistance. Fire Poly 75-i is generally brush applied but can also be roll applied or sprayed to the wooden panels at an application rate of 200 to 225 sqft per gallon.

ASTM E2768 (ASTM E84) FSI: 5
SDI: 60
Max Flame Front: 10.7 ft
Intertek logoW/N 21051


Fabric Safe is a transparent fire-resistant coating that is spray applied to fabric material at an application rate of roughly 200 sqft per gallon. 

NFPA 701 Method 1 & 2 Passed
ASTM E1353 Class I
ASTM D2859 Met the criteria


Flame Safe Fire Retardant Coatings

are compliance tested to meet the following fire safety and building code requirements:
ASTM E84 Class A, UL723 Type 1, NFPA 255, NFPA 703,UBC 42-1 for interior use and exterior use SWRI 1256 (ASTM E84) plywood; SWRI 1256 (ASTM E84) lumber UL 723; UL 723 CANADA; SWRI ASTM E84
ASTM D2898 procedure exterior fire retardant plywood, exterior fire retardant lumber and timbers;
ASTM E108 for fire retardant coating wood, cedar and pine shake shingles Class B;

Intertek NFPA 701
NFPA 701, FAR25.853 a &b (Federal Aviation Req.), Federal Standard 16CFR [FF4-72] (mattress ticking), Boston, NY- NJ Port Authority, Cal 1237.1, and the Cal Tech 117-F for fire retardant spray on coatings for fabrics and textiles;

NFPA701 and ASTM E84 for fire retardant thatch, thatching, bamboo

International Maritime Organization Resolution A.753(18) & ASTM F1173-95 wet classification for plastic pipe

NFPA 701 for polyurethante styrofoam, styrofoam

ASTM E162 & 662, Federal standard PPP-B-320, PPP-B-636 and PPP-B-640L fire retardant coating for corrugated packaging, cardboard box and paper industry; and
CAL Administrative Code, Title 19 Public Safety, Art. 3,Sec. 1264.3 spray on fire retardant coating for Christmas trees.